The Phatalaskan: Zebulon Nudson

Zeb's website dedicated to passing on the adventurous spirit he shared with us during his short time on Earth.

Enjoy Zeb's March 2013 Celebration of Life Fireworks (.mpeg). Thank you Colville!

Secret Society Music Videos

Zeb's Life Adventure #1: "Army", 1995-1998

Check this out I did my 13th jump today for a mission we had 13 birds with 13 chalks and I was the 13th man in my chalk and we jumped at 1300hrs. I was freaking out thinking that I was going to die (bad luck 13). I was the stick pusher (last man in the chalk hurrying and pushing everyone out the door so I can make the green light). It went red when I was in the door (didn't know til after) so I was dropped over trees. The jump master tried to stop me so it threw my body into a sorry exit and gave me a few twists. I bicycled out the twists then looked under me (damn trees, large trees all around under me %@&$!!) but I still had enough time to slip back onto the FLS so I pulled a good slip but my drift was too great so I prepared myself for a rough landing, drifting backwards hoping I would not catch a pointed tree top in my back. I drifted lower and lower soon I was surrounded by old Alaskan birch and spruce. Gripping myself ready to throw my arms over my face waiting to slam my back into several large branches stronger than human bones. A feeling of fear and anticipated pain shot through me seconds before I made contact with the ground. One of the softest landings I had ever had, it must have been because the muskag or expected pain. If I would have been 2 feet further to my left I would have slammed into a 35 foot spruce tree and my canopy probably would have snagged up onto the tip of the old tree, but I was lucky my canopy snagged onto it only six feet from the ground which made it an easy job for me to retrieve it. Shakin up a bit, filled with ample loads of adrenaline I gathered my equipment and linked up with my element and continued on my mission.
Spc Zebulon E Nudson
30 April 98 Malaemute drop zone

Zeb's Life Adventure #2: "Oregon", 1998-1999

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Zeb's Life Adventure #3: "Alaska Independent", 1999-2000

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Zeb's Life Adventure #4: "Prison", 2000-2001

After 12 years I've finally finished converting Zeb's trial cds to mp3s. If he ever mentioned to you what he wanted to do with the recordings, let me know.

Warning: These recordings contain graphic material.

January 05, 2001 February 16, 2001 March 06, 2001 March 15, 2001 March 16, 2001 March 23, 2001: First Day of Trial March 23, 2001 March 27, 2001 March 28, 2001 March 29, 2001 April 02, 2001 April 03, 2001 April 04, 2001 April 05, 2001 April 06, 2001 April 09, 2001 April 10, 2001 April 11, 2001 April 12, 2001:

Zeb's Life Adventure #5: "Iraq", 2004-2008

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Zeb's Life Adventure #6: "North Slope", 2008-2012

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Zeb's Life Adventure #7: "Tesoro", 2012-2013

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The following is a collection Mixmaster Phatalaskan's autoraps and videography. Autoraps Videography

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